Corporate Mission

To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.

DELTA, founded in 1971, is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions. Its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” focuses on addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change. As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in power electronics and automation, Delta’s business categories include Power Electronics, Mobility, Automation, and Infrastructure.


DELTA offers some of the most energy efficient power products in the industry, including switching power supplies with efficiency over 90%, telecom power with up to 98%, and PV inverters with up to 99.2% efficiency. We have also developed the world‘s first server power supply certified as 80 Plus Titanium.

DELTA is a frequent recipient of international awards and related recognition for innovation, design, and continuous dedication to ESG. Since 2011, Delta has been listed on the DJSI World Index of Dow Jones Sustainability™ Indices for 13 consecutive years. In 2020 and 2022, Delta was also recognized by CDP with two “A” leadership level ratings for its substantial contribution to climate change and water security issues and named Supplier Engagement Leader for its continuous development of a sustainable value chain for the 6th consecutive year.

In response to the challenge of climate change, Delta will remain committed to the research and development of innovative, energy-saving products, solutions and services that contributing substantially to the sustainable development of mankind.


Brand Value Proposition
Our brand value proposition is based on the core qualities of Delta’s offerings to clients, partners, users and wider society, by delivering products, services and solutions which are intelligent, sustainable and connecting.

Creating holistic IoT-based solutions by integrating human intelligence with smart industrial technology.
Enhancing sustainability with reliable energy-saving technology and efficient resource management.
Bringing together a complete ecosystem through collaboration inspired by user needs.

DELTA is devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, particularly those that are high-efficiency and energy-saving. Aiming to reduce global warming and ensure mankind’s sustainable future with better value and performance, DELTA is continuously enhancing our engineering capabilities and is committed to developing innovative technologies and solutions for a better tomorrow.

DELTA has built an environment that rewards employees’ ingenuity, such as the DELTA Innovation Award since 2008, which currently recognizes the Company’s most game-changing intellectual property (IP), new product, manufacturing practice, as well as business model or process every year.


In addition, Delta established Delta Research Center (DRC) in 2013 to respond to changing technological trends and to enhance its research and development capacity. DRC focuses on developing products and solutions in areas such as smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, information and communication technology, and life sciences. DRC adopts an open innovation approach and collaborates with the government, industry, academia, and research, aiming to create new opportunities that support industrial transformation and upgrading.

DELTA Electronics recognized as Top 100 Global Innovator by Clarivate for the second consecutive year. (2022-2023) As of the end of 2022, the total number of patents approved for Delta exceeded 15,000 mainly in the United States, mainland China, Taiwan, Europe, of which 1,070 patents where approved in 2022 alone.